There is a Solution to All Problems

There is a Solution to All Problems

The following true story happened in mid-1970s in a mid-western state of the U.S.. to a third-generation barber and his son.  I first heard it told by Mary Morrissey at one of my certification workshops.

The barber's son had not been home in over a year because he was attending graduate school; however he does check-in with the business periodically.  He lived in a community where families come into town on the weekend to shop, the children get their haircuts, and mom and dad do their shopping, and maybe they get their hair cut also.  This third-generation barber shop has become a community staple. It is a place where families come.  They have both male and female hair stylists.  They have a coffee bar and a donut shop because the barber shop is a gathering place for the locals.

The son comes home on spring break and finds his father distant, quiet, and even depressed. As the few days that he is going to be there are coming to an end, he finally sits his dad down and says, "Talk to me. What is going on?" His dad says, "We're going bankrupt. I don't know what to do. I'm the third generation and it's going to close under my leadership." His son says, "Well, what's happening?"

This is during the time where the low-cost cutting salons were moving in across America. One of those establishments had recently moved into town and was offering $6 haircuts. The father explained, "There is no way I can compete with six-dollar haircuts. I cannot pay the overhead. I've run numbers every way I can. I've gone through all of the reserves, and we have maybe enough to survive another 30 days, but at this rate it is over. I didn't want to alarm you, but I don't know what we're going to do."

2014-10-24_1527_get_haircutThe son said, "There has to be an answer to this. Definitely, there cannot be a problem without an answer. We just may not know the answer." The son had been studying Napoleon Hill, he'd been studying masterminding, he'd been studying all kinds of things, and the success principles about how you make yourself think. In explaining masterminding or thinking beyond the problem. he said to his dad "Look, just try this out with me. Let us sit down and we'll write down every idea that comes to mind about how this problem could get solved, how you could stay in business…how you could thrive." And his father said, "There is no way. I ran the numbers and I can't compete against six-dollar haircuts."

The son responded, "Just do the exercise with me. What is one idea?  Just give me one idea." The father says, "Close the shop." So he writes it down: Close the shop. That is an idea about how to solve that problem, right? It is an idea isn't it? So he said, "That is one idea. Now let's look at some other ideas."  Then the son says, "Advertise." The dad is thinking, I did advertise, but he's already been given the paradigm in masterminding, which is no editing. Once you edit, you shut down the stream. It is like putting a clamp on the stream to the universal intelligence. No matter what the idea is, you write it down. So they are writing idea after idea and they are getting a rhythm going.

They do this for about 20 minutes and one of those ideas just jumps off the page. They execute that idea. The son goes back to school. A few weeks later he calls his dad and he can tell by his dad's voice–the energy is strong–and he says, "Things are better?" The dad says, "It sure is…Not only did our normal clientele return, we are 11 percent higher than the highest census they have ever had in the shop."

Do you know what the idea was? It was to put a big sign on the top of the shop that said "We fix $6 haircuts."



There is a truth greater than the facts.

There is an answer to every question and a solution to all problems. Every question has an answer, every problem has a solution and every answer and solution is right at your fingertips if you will just BE solution-oriented and answer-oriented rather than focusing on the problem.

You may have a long list of problems or a long list of what you want to be different and I want you to understand that the universe is all lined up orchestrating and standing by–ready to do anything and everything you want IF you are a vibrational match to it.  This requires you to clean up your vibration – which means simply you have to focus on what you desire and where you are going. You have to tell the story of your life the way you want it to be and not the way it is. Forget about what is.


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  1. A great lesson, and well thought out.

  2. OOO Rachel – I NEEDED to hear this today. Cleaning up my vibration with your exercise! TY ( oh, and I LOVE Mary M. too!)
    Summer recently posted…What do you STAND for?My Profile

  3. What an excellent post – and a great ending to the story, I really enjoyed it! If I were to take one lesson from this, it would be the ‘no edidting’ rule. I don’t know much about masterminding, but the ‘no editing’ principle just makes sense. Thank you!
    Beata recently posted…How I Made My Son Think About Spending MoneyMy Profile

  4. I enjoyed the story which shows us that there is always a solution to a problem.

  5. Hi Rachel,
    Great post. I don’t think I’ve hear that story before but I loved the ending. True, there is a solution when you become creative and think. Thanks for sharing this today. My vibes are much better today after reading this.
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…20 Questions – When Looking For a WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  6. Hi Rachel,

    I love that surprise ending of this story!!! What a great share. There is always a solution to a problem in business. In this one it was pure genius.

    I have a brother who is a carpenter. When Home Depot came about and pounded into people’s heads that they can do things themselves, it turned out to be a disaster. My brother did the same thing. On his business cards he wrote something along those lines. He got business that way! So much so, he and his workers would hang out near Home Depot and hand out their cards. He He He.

    I love a happy ending!

    donna merrill recently posted…Build Your BrandMy Profile

    • That’s fantastic Donna.  Your brother is a great illustration of solving problems!  I wonder how many people think they can DIY, head out to Home Depot and end up calling a pro.  I know we have 🙂

      Online Biz Boomer Babe recently posted…It is Not About YouMy Profile

  7. Hi Rachel,

    There is ALWAYS a solution to every problem, just have to find it 🙂 Awesome post!
    Joan M Harrington recently posted…How To Write Persuasive CopyMy Profile

  8. Wow Rachel!

    First of all let me say that as I was leaving a comment on another blog, I saw your very intriguing headline! So I knew I simply had to read this post.

    And as the entire story was unfolding, I simply knew I had to know how this ultimately story turned out! And I must say that your post contained an incredibly powerful and truly inspirational message! Thank you so much for sharing it!
    Mark recently posted…Why The Word Free Should Definitely Become Part Of Your Long Term Marketing Plan!My Profile

  9. Rachel,

    What a wonderful story. Masterminds are really powerful. We cannot do it all alone. Just making a list of ideas, by our self, would be great. And then to do that with one or more others, the ideas expanding exponentially. There really are many ways to solve a problem when we let go of our preconceived ideas about what is possible.

    Dr. Erica
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  10. i am agree with this post, if god put us in problem he also gives us way to rescue from that problem, only thing we have to do is that we have find that way and we are out of problem.