Make a Leap

Make a Leap

It seems as though Donald Trump has failed as many times as he has succeeded. Of course, he ultimately succeeded (at least financially).  While I am not enamored with his personality, I feel that he illustrates a very powerful point: Your life and your work depend on your willingness to take risks.

You have probably heard the expression “bold action gets bold results”. And it does. So, if it does, then I wonder what frightens us so much? The plain fact is that the results of our bold actions are bold but not always positive. A certain amount of the time we are going to fail. If it were a guarantee, then it would not be a risk, right?

Somewhere along the way I learned that failing was a bad thing. Perhaps it is our grading system. Where else in the course of life is the goal 100 percent? For example, what if players got 100 percent of the goals in soccer? We do not even consider this. Under these conditions even getting a CHANCE at the goal is seen as an accomplishment.


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Embracing failure as a likely outcome and being willing to learn from it and make adjustments is the cornerstone of success. Perhaps this is why so many successful entrepreneurs were C students!  If you are now convinced that taking risks and even failing might be in your best interest, how do you get yourself to take action when you are on the edge and gearing up to take that big leap to create the life, love or work that you really desire?

Intensifying the discomfort of staying the way that you are is one approach to move out of inertia.  Another approach is to adjust your perception of what “good” results are. What if instead of success and failure, you looked at the outcome of your bold action as precious information that is letting you know how to make your next bold move?

If you are someone who normally leaps before you look, LOOK.  Taking risks requires reviewing the situation and taking educated risks.


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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Well said Rachel. For the record I’m not a fan of Trump’s either but if there’s one thing that can be said about the man it’s that he never lets failure slow him down – and it certainly doesn’t appear to affect this ego. I believe that learning to redefine failure as a valuable learning opportunity is one of the most empowering skills we can cultivate. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Marquita,

      My first coach would dare me to fail every week so that I would get comfy with the idea that failure = learning. I had to tell her what I attempted, what the failure was, and what it taught me. Thanks to her, I learned that the greater my failure, the greater my lesson.

  2. Hello Rachel, This article of yours has really made me think about a few things? You state if you are the kind of person who normally leaps before you look LOOK? I have always been this person and do know that I need to slow down and LOOK, Oh Yes Indeed, I have learned a few very expensive lessons because of this too..

    Loves how you stated that I am now to take precious learning experience to make my next bold move LOL What an Awesome Article.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Manifesting More of What You Want With Your LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Chery,

      Your comment made me giggle as I remember an episode ofΒ “Frazier” where he advised several of his friends and a patient to take a leap and do things out of their comfort zone. Β All who took his advice failed and as they reported the results to Frazier, he then begin to have second thoughts about his advice.

      Online Biz Boomer Babe recently posted…What Happens When We Plan to ProcrastinateMy Profile

  3. Really great advice Rachel!

    The real problem is, for most of us anyway! We’ve learned to be so darn
    overly cautious, to the point we sabotage are real chances for long term success!

    And yet, we’ll demonize the Donald Trump type for constantly taking bold proactive action! What’s up with that!

    I once heard a very successful entrepreneur say, that even though we are in fact programmed for success, at birth, we
    unfortunately learn to consistently talk ourselves out of it!LOL!

    great advice and thanks for sharing it!

  4. Well said, Rachel! I find that I’m not very consistent in this matter: when I’m feeling frustrated by my current situation I leap first, and when I’m fairly satisfied with it I don’t look or leap! Like everything else in this business, it takes discipline.

    Thanks for the reminder – always helpful, and generally necessary πŸ™‚

    Alan Jenkin recently posted…Increase Website Traffic and Gain Customers – Part 4My Profile

  5. Hi Rachel,

    When it comes to making that leap, I’ve reached a point in my life that I’m not afraid to. Maybe it is because I too so many “leaps” along the way. From real estate investments, to off line business, to on line business.
    I’ve learned that failure is something to embrace. It is the greatest teacher we have in life. I rather leap and “fail” than to remain stagnant and think “what if”

    donna merrill recently posted…Take The Next StepMy Profile

  6. Intensifying the discomfort of where I am usually works better for me in situations where I struggle to take risks. I almost have to make a backwards vision board so I see what I DON’T want and take the necessary steps forward!
    Leanne Chesser recently posted…Do You Listen to Your Intuition?My Profile

  7. Hi Rachel,

    I like your point on adjusting our perceptions of what good results are. I learned a long time ago in the military the importance of a positive mindset. Failure is really our own perception. What are we comparing that to? I think that we may not necessarily render the results we may want but that does not equate to failure.

    I think that what it does is empowers us to gain even more acceptable results the next time we try because in every situation we can use it as a learning tool and make it better next time. Thanks for sharing.
    Nathaniel Kidd recently posted…Are You Tired of Overspending on School SuppliesMy Profile

  8. Rachel

    Great article, all comes down to the risk reward. The “Donald” does know all about that and has played the game successfully, all come down to on what scale you do it. Most of us can’t do it on his scale.

    Thanks for Sharing, Andy
    Andy Lockhart recently posted…Is the Urchin Annoying you?My Profile

  9. Hi Rachel – – I really enjoyed your article because this has been on my mind as of late. I have several opportunities that have been presented to me but having a hard time deciding which way to go. Some offer more money, one offers working from home and another is something that is more towards my passion but lack of good pay. It think the biggest factor when it comes to making a leap it making sure you have figured out all the calculated risks between each. I received my bachelors in entrepreneurship and one of the #1 tidbits i learned about entrepreneurship is this. REAL entrepreneus do not take risk – – they take calculated risks. We dont just jump and go for it and hope for the best. We evaluate all possible outcomes and make sure there are legitimate exit plans in addition to having the right resources.

    But. . . saying that i think there is one thing that can over ride any of the and that is how your deepest parts of your gut feels and if your heart is in the right place. If you truly feel that one direction is the right direction, even if it has a lot of risk, then you should take the leap and go for it. We are only on this rock for so long and might as well make the most of it!

    Great article πŸ™‚
    Kyle Nelson recently posted…News: Driving Traffic To Your WebsiteMy Profile

  10. Well said, Rachel! My perfectionist tendencies have held me back more often than I care to admit, from either continuing with a project I’ve started, or starting on a new venture. Failure can bring us down, or we can learn from it and move on. The choice is ours.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…Believe You Can 100 Day ChallengeMy Profile

  11. Those who truly succeed are those who never quit unless they are given many obvious signs that they need to give something up other than being frustrated from failure. Keep trying and eventually you will come out on top.
    Miriam Slozberg recently posted…One Important Twitter Tip that Must be Used to Create RelationshipsMy Profile

  12. If I were to single out one trait that holds back the biggest percentage of my clients from making progress with their online business, it would be “perfectionism.”

    The video, the blog, the marketing tactic… never gets done “until it’s perfect.” Translation: it never gets done. Really… what is ever perfect? Answer: absolutely nothing.

    It was so nice, Rachel, to see you suggest that we embrace failure “as a likely outcome.” What a liberating mindset. The faster you fail, the sooner you can succeed. So get to it… let’s get that thing done so it can be a failure that we can examine, reassess, re-work, and build our success on.
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