Effective Marketing Made Simple

Effective Marketing Made Simple

The idea of putting time into a marketing plan isn't the sexiest thing you may be thinking about as you go about your day working in your business.  But what you have to also add is the "working on your business" aspects.  

If you are like me, I conduct very little business between Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day.  This means that now is a good time to start thinking of my marketing plan for the upcoming year.  

salesconversationIf you are reading this post, I am assuming that you have done the work to discover who your market is, what problems they have and how your service/product solves those problems. If you have not taken the time to do that yet, make that your first priority. If you cannot answer those questions, your marketing is most likely going to be bland or confusing. So make sure you keep refining and refining until you have those answers down pat.

For your marketing to be effective, you need to have a plan. Too many business owners create a spray and pray approach without any strategy or idea of how all the parts fit together.

These are the key factors in marketing and business building.  The stage of business you are in will determine which activities you will need to do, so let's cover these first, then I will show you how to create a marketing calendar:

List Building

This is where your #1 focus is on growing your database. You should have a website that captures email addresses in exchange for some piece of information you will share. For an example, my `opt-in offer is a weekly training program entitled: Savvy Steps to Get Your Online Business Booming. In exchange for this training, I get the permission to email/market to people who sign up.

You must make your website a data capturing one, otherwise it is wasted. List building is also a state of mind in that you are always thinking of new ways to grow your list.


This is looking at ways to get you more in front of your ideal market.  No one will buy something from you if they cannot find you.  Following are some of the best ways I know of to gain visibility:

  •    Writing articles
  •    Blogging
  •    Newsletters
  •    Teleseminars
  •    Speaking
  •    Radio interviews
  •    Social media:  Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest
  •    Joint Ventures


This is where you are seen as a credible expert. Of course, this builds on visibility, because once you have a following, the more people you can help, the more buzz that gets created about you. Adding testimonials or case studies to your site is helpful here. And part of credibility just takes time. The more you market, the more people assume credibility. If you have to see a few people for free or give some free talks to establish your name, do it.  It will pay off in the end.

Now that we have all this in place, how do we get you out marketing?

Create a calendar 

At a minimum, you should be sending an email at least twice a month to your audience, but weekly is better. That may be shocking and you will bump into the "but what if that upsets someone and they unsubscribe" discomfort. Trust me….you will get far more money much more quickly if you are `top of mind,' so this is a place that you can transition into.

marketing-calendarNow look at what you have to promote. Grab your calendar and you can do it one of two ways.

If you have products or services, you will want to see how they piece together.  The goals is to have your clients take baby steps to your bigger services (we call that an upsell) so that they in essence learn how to buy from you. The theory is that you give little pieces first, and then add more and more in the mix so that the people who are ready to take the next steps with you can.

 The first thing you want to do then is to look at what you have (or could create) so that you stagger your price points and offerings. You do not want to constantly be promoting, so factor this in when mapping out the year of launches.

The second way to look at your marketing calendar is to choose monthly themes. If you do not have products or services to sell frequently, map out ahead of time what you will be talking about in your marketing.

The goal is to choose a theme, so all your writing, speaking, focus would be on the topic. And of course, when giving great content, make sure you do not  forget the 80/20 rule. Give content 80 percent of the time and sell 20 percent of the time. That might be a bit conservative, but that is a place you can start. Look at where your expertise is and map out 12 months of themes ahead of time so you do not have to wonder what you will be talking about.

The trick of marketing is just to market. Consistently. No marketing plan is going to be effective if you do not make the commitment to get your business in front of your market as often as possible in as creative way as possible. So this year, block out a set time each week to work on your marketing. 


About Online Biz Boomer Babe

Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. You’ve laid out some really good steps to include in a marketing plan. I do mine in a spreadsheet month by month. It’s a good idea to add in special events like Thanksgiving, Mothers Day etc and tie in your marketing around those times to those events.
    Mel Day recently posted…Starving Yourself : Lose Weight Without Doing That!My Profile

  2. I’ve been sending my blog posts to my list every day during the blog challenge. Gained a few readers as a result, too!!
    kate loving shenk recently posted…22,000 Conscious BreathsMy Profile

  3. Really solid tips Rachel!

    Creating a customized marketing plan a really good idea. And I like your list of 8 proven ways of getting ourselves visible.

    And while it does take some real consorted effort to create a realistic marketing plan that reflects both your strengths and values.
    The efforts are definitely worth it!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mark recently posted…Why Successful Entrepreneurs Need To Realize That Having Common Sense Isn’t Illegal!My Profile


    Hi Rach

    Great looking site. I love the way the theme feels. I know..I know I am not a man but hey I can pay a lady a compliment without any undertones right? We always make things harder than they need to be.. I don’t think we even know why we do it but if we can address this then i suspect we will get further down the desired road that we want.

    WILLIAM OTOOLE recently posted…How To Make MoneyMy Profile

  5. still trying to figure out how to get more freelance writing work. This information is very interesting and reminds me that I know so little about how to run a business. I learned writing and editing in journalism school and photography by doing it, but I never took any business classes…
    alice recently posted…Autumn imagesMy Profile

  6. I know little about marketing, and I’ve learned new things from your post.

  7. Hi Rachel,

    I think this is the first time visiting your blog and I think it looks lovely:) I enjoyed reading your tips to creating a marketing plan and have to confess I am abit of a late learner when it comes to things that need planned ahead lol. Will definately take your points and use them for when I do create a marketing plan which I guess needs to be sooner rather than later;)

    Thanks again

    Gillian Wright recently posted…Tips That Can Help You Write Articles for MoneyMy Profile

  8. As someone else said… great foundation. Oh, and definitely- it’s not sexy but when a marketing plan is done right… it’s turns out to be sexy. πŸ˜‰
    Nile recently posted…#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 10My Profile

  9. Hi Rachel. These are such useful tips! I wish I had them when I was first starting out.

    Many of them I currently do, but I need to start working on a calender. I love your idea of using slow times to focus on a marketing plan. And the idea of themes really makes sense to me. It’s much easier to generate a lot of different content and reach out to people through talks, webinars, etc. when you have a tight-knit focus.

    Great ideas!

    Karen Peltier recently posted…A Frightful Tale: Pervasive & Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics, Home Products, Food, & More!My Profile

  10. Rachel,

    You have really clarified what is needed to accomplish effective marketing. There really are many pieces to set up and have functioning well including your email list, calendar scheduling, and your credibility. But the goal of marketing is to make yourself highly visible – and that is where the work, and experience and art comes into play.

    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…Love, Touch, Sex and RecoveryMy Profile

  11. I love the theme approach and it’s what I used to do. I’ve gotten away from that, but I’d like to use that method again. It’s effective and also fun. As a teacher, I used monthly themes in my planning as well, so it sort of comes naturally to me.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted…Why Being Your Unique Self is the Foundation for Your BusinessMy Profile

  12. Thanks for this Rachel, but a question.

    Is there a good time of the week to have as your “marketing time” – either when you are most dynamic or your audience is most responsive?

    Kingsley recently posted…Family Theatre Breaks – Easter 2016My Profile

    • Hi Kingsley,

      When are you at your optimum during the day? Is it going to be 9:00am-1:00pm? Is it going to be 3:00pm-6:00pm? What hours of the day are you most productive? Those are the hours you should block out to spend time growing your business and planning your business.

      My two cents πŸ™‚