Create Your Prosperity Mentally First – In Pictures

Create Your Prosperity Mentally First – In Pictures

Today’s post includes a quote from Catherine Ponder along with a summary section from her book, Open Your Mind to Prosperity.  Enjoy the post and put her wise suggestion into practice.

The second way to create prosperity mentally is by picturing it.  The picturing power of the mind is one of the oldest devices known to man for getting what he wants.  Instead of fighting problems, picture your way out of them.
The picturing power of the mind turns your thinking form “I cannot have this” or “It will never happen to me” to hope, belief and finally to mental acceptance that “It can happen to me” and “It will happen to me.”

You can hasten your good by picturing it.  You can help others by picturing the good for them.

Generalities do not produce results, because they lack substance and power.  Vague hopes and indefinite goals are not convincing to the mind, whereas a clear-cut picture of the good you want activates people, places, and events to cooperate with your pictured desires.

You can picture your way to increased prosperity, health, family harmony–even world travel.
You can picture a thing and bring it about rather than trying to reason it through or force results.

When you are trying to achieve a result and it has not come, it is often because there is still something in mind, body, affairs, or relationships that you need to renounce, free, release, or eliminate.  As long as you put off this elimination process, you put off results.



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  1. Excellent advice Rachel and that is why it is always a good idea to have a vision board that is front of you Pictures make a big difference when you see that goal you desire.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted…Knowing How To Use SEO Content: Keywords & PhrasesMy Profile

  2. Having a great mindset to reach your goals are so important. I know people stray from their goals from outside forces. Thanks for sharing. Anita
    Anita Levesque recently posted…How To Build An E-Mail List With FacebookMy Profile

  3. This is great advice! Only when we focus on the concrete, specific details of what we desire can we actually achieve those things.

  4. Ahhh, yes! The power of visualization. I was just talking to a good friend of mine about this and how I used to do it but don’t anymore. Must be the Universe’s friendly reminder to start back up again 😉 Thanks for the sharing this today!!

  5. Great advice! That visual helps us to anchor into the “not-problem,” helping us see what we want so we can go after it, rather than just focusing on the problem. Thanks for the reminder on that.
    Joyce recently posted…Feedback and Traffic LightsMy Profile

  6. Interesting concept about the elimination process and not only the positive “go for it” aspect.
    PaulaBuenosAires recently posted…AEDM 13 Day 18 Week #46 2013 Starting overMy Profile

  7. Great advice, I love the visual element. I have dream board next to my computer in my office that I look at every day. I used Oprah’s dream board tool to create it. You can find it by googling “Oprah dream board”, it has a set of pictures and you can upload your own.
    Heather Cameron recently posted…Monday Morning Moment: Essence of A New DayMy Profile

  8. Jason Power

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the post, Visualizing success and the path to success helps a great deal with mindset and it is very important in order to achieve a goal.
    Jason Power recently posted…Using Paid Advertising OnlineMy Profile

  9. Hi Rachel,
    What an incredible coincidence! Just last night, I was sitting with my business associates and we were discussing about different ways of personal development and leadership and this exact topic came.

    We spoke about having a vision board, spending time visualizing success and using the power of spoken words to leverage the law of attraction. And here I am on your blog reading same stuff. Thank you. There is an amazing power in visualization and those who practice it, attract success and abundance in their lives. I have experienced this myself and I am excited about it.

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…Leadership Lessons From The Life Of The Legendary Little MasterMy Profile