Affirmations + Appreciations to Create a Business You Love

Affirmations + Appreciations to Create a Business You Love

Do you have affirmations that you say each day?  I do and I like to say them the first thing is the morning, right afterI ouse out of sleep because that is when we tend to be most vulnerable and susceptible to anxiety and worry.  If we are not mindful, those negative thoughts can kick in and take control of our mind unless we do a mindfulness task first.

Here are three morning affirmations to say before you get out of bed. Memorize them or put them next to your bed on a notecard or iPhone.  

1. I am feeling healthy and strong today.

2. I am happy and grateful for my life.

3. I am loving, lovable and worthy of love.

Next, create a few affirmations and appreciations to create a business you love.  Following are a few that I like:

I am excited about the choices having my own business brings me.

It feels good to know that I can design my schedule in ways that work for me.

I love the idea of having unlimited income potential and each day I take steps to realize it more and more. 

I am delighted knowing that I am contributing value to my clients, students, and  customers.

I appreciate more deeply than ever, all of my gifts, talents, skills and experience and how they are critical to the unique character of my business. 

I love the idea of using my creativity to create a business that I adore.

I am relaxed knowing that everything I need is already here and that resources abound all around me. I am learning how to perceive and utilize them even now!

I am excited about finding more opportunities to connect with people so that I can learn more about them, and I can share what I am doing.

I am confident that with more experience I will develop greater understanding of who my people are and what they want and need.

I am filled with positive anticipation as I think about all the good that is unfolding for me and for my clients now and into the future as my business grows.

I feel turned on as I tap my creativity for what I am most eager to give and what my clients and students are most eager to receive.

I feel elated as I open to receive new ideas, new energy and increasing income. 

I gain momentum as I step into deeper appreciation of myself, what I bring to the table, and as I share this with others.

I know that in this time of great change that so much opportunity abounds. Each day I look for new opportunities and I begin to see more and more around me.

I know that it is safe to let go of my old ways of thinking because this really is the time of  awakening to a whole new world, new ways of being, and unlimited possibilities.

I value having structure and guidelines for my business. Structure gives me something to build on and actually provides me with greater freedom! 

I encourage you to create your own or use some of the above as part of your daily abundance ritual. While abundance is a MINDSET, you build that mindset through your actions, affirmations and rituals–which helps your new thought pattern become integrated into your life.

Remember, mindset is super important because thoughts do become things.  You have probably heard this a thousand times before but here is the full story:  Positive thoughts/mindset  leads you to inspired actions or behavior and this behavior is what creates results. Thoughts do not magically become things–thoughts + inspired actions become things.



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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Oh, es, that last one I am going to have to borrow – permanently! Wonderful set of affirmations, and loe your affirming blog title too. When you work solo these kinds of tools are really useful to keep the motivation up. Thanks 🙂
    Mel Day recently posted…Procrastination: How To Beat It.My Profile

  2. So right. Thoughts plus the action you take when inspired by them become reality. I am a born optimist and I appreciate that.
    Francene Stanley recently posted…Would you really want to be rich?My Profile

  3. I am going to have to steal several of those! I, too, use affirmations every day, and one of my favorites is that whenever I look in the mirror, I tell myself how beautiful and healthy I look. Every little bit helps!
    Sheri Conaway recently posted…October 19, 2014 Common courtesy isn’t so common. #shericonaway #blogboostMy Profile

  4. Having positive affirmations are definitely important for maintaining a positive attitude and mindset of abundance, especially after you’ve stepped out on faith and started up a business. The days I forget to meditate on my affirmations, I can tell a difference. Things don’t go as smooth and it’s easier for negativity to creep in and cloud my mind with doubt.
    K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy) recently posted…RecentlyMy Profile

  5. I make a lot of mental affirmations because it really sets the day in the right direction. Some of it, I integrate my to do list and often I get the items designated for the day done.
    Nile recently posted…Tag Cloud Do’s and Don’tsMy Profile

  6. Rachel this post is AWESOME!

    I have tried affirmations – good intentions, start them one morning then forget to do them every again!

    I understand that a habit needs to be created though and armed with a few of your terrific ‘appreciations’ here, I will give it another go.

    Thank you!

  7. Brandon Turner

    Rachel, thank you for this important message. I think some people fail to realize that having the right attitude is a matter of choice and deliberate action rather than just being lucky in everything you do. I actually have a few flash cards with some of my goals written down beside my bed. As you said, this is a way of affirming our intentions and reigniting our passions on a day to day basis.
    Brandon Turner recently posted…Lost Your Keys to Success? Take Mine!My Profile