13 Barriers to Achieving Goals

13 Barriers to Achieving Goals

Wouldn't it be great to achieve your goals effortlessly? Wouldn't you want to rid yourself of all of the barriers to your  goals once and for all?

You may be wondering what a "goal barrier" is? Simply put, they are the things that prevent you from achieving your goals. A goal barrier could be one tiny thing or it could be a mixture of things. It does not really matter because just one belief or one recurring negative thought is enough to block your goal. In this article you will discover several reasons goals are obstructed. As you are reading this article, evaluate each one and see if you recognize any of them in your own life.

What could be the reasons why people do not achieve their goals? What prevents people from receiving all of the things that they really want in life and/or business?

Many people struggle with trying to achieve their goals and there are a myriad of primary reasons why they do not.   Following are some of the key reasons why people do not achieve their goals: 

  1. Believing that they have attempted everything or that there are no other options. The challenge with this fabricated belief is that they person that holds it will not try anything new. They are not open to receiving new ideas. Basically, they have given up. We all know what happens to a quitter-they will not prosper. This "I have tried everything" attitude creates an obstacle that prevents new ideas into your life, even if they are right in front of your nose. Most likely, you will not even notice when a small shift could change everything. Holding this attitude repels ideas and the attraction energy. If you feel that you have tried everything, I urge you to think again, and again, and again. It is good to be open to everything and not be attached to anything.  The following statement is VERY important to goal achieving: There is no need for you to know HOW you will achieve your goal. You simply need to decide WHAT you want, stay focused on what you want, have faith that you will get it, and it will show up. That is it!  Really simple, right?
  2. Not believing they are worthy of the goal-not feeling deserving of it. This comes from a low self esteem. Make your first love, self love. Know that you have tremendous worth and that you do deserve great things-unconditionally! You must believe this! You must know it.
  3. Not having goals that are clear. "Wanting more money" as a goal could possibly bring you just $1 more added to your wallet and your goal will be achieved. If you know what you want, be specific. I would also like to suggest that you add the words "this or something better" or "this or something better that will be beneficial to all" as part of your goal statement.  People who do not write their goals down, or do not have goals, or they have a goal that they continuously change their mind about (scatter-brained), do not achieve them. While it is fine to change your mind and your goal(s), remember that your goals are energy in motion. The energy is moving in one direction and you will shift the energy in another direction when you change your goal; consequently, you will immediately begin to move in another direction. No worries. This is all a part of the process. Invest some quiet, uninterrupted time and focus on what you want. When you have clarity, commit. Take pen to paper. 
  4. The goals are not a stretch. Most of our growth occurs when we are stretched beyond our comfort zones. Goals that are too easy are not motivating or inspiring. The discomfort that comes when you are out of your comfort zone positions you for growth. Consider becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. 
  5. Goals seem too unrealistic. This belief really creates a paradox. Although it was possible in 1963 to run a mile in under four minutes, no one believed it except for Roger Bannister. He proved this in 1964. When you believe that your goal is unrealistic and you tend to hold on tight to that belief, you will likely obtain whatever result that will validate your belief! You substantially increase your chances at achieving your goal if you create the belief that it can happen, you intend to make it happen, and you hold that belief. This is not to say that you can go to you will be able to fly off of the top of the Empire State Building just because you believe you will-ridiculous. Unwavering faith moves mountains. As I stated earlier, you do not have to know HOW you will achieve your goal. Your faith in the unknown and will reveal the way to you.
  6. Dwelling on negative thoughts.  All negative thoughts are poisonous and it only takes a little bit of poison to kill". You may have great goal statements and be doing all of the things in order to move towards your goals. But if you have one thought that is negative,only one, you can think of it as planting and nurturing a seed and then pouring poison right on top of it.   You can fight this repetitive destructive behavior. Try placing an elastic band on your wrist and monitor your thoughts. Whenever find yourself thinking negatively, snap the elastic. An additional exercise that is effective and powerful exercise would be to write out your goal statement (or a powerful affirmation) no fewer than 60 times per day (three times a day write down your goal 20 times). Monitor your thoughts consistently and really give some thought to what you are thinking about.
  7. Using the wrong word forms: "I want" rather than "I have" or "I am" when writing or speaking about your goals. When you write and affirm a goal statement that says "I want", the Universe responds with "Yes, indeed you do" and you will continue experiencing the "wanting" of it. Substitute the word "I have" or "I am" to eliminate this goal obstruction.
  8. Not taking action towards achieving the goal. Yes, we are all energy and we each have the ability to attract our heart's desires to us. However, we also need to be moving toward the goal–taking action. If there is a powerful magnet and a pile of nails and the magnet is too far from the nails, it will not attract them to it. However, when you move the magnet toward the nails, that magnetic power will attract the nails and then the two will be combined. This same principle works for you and those goals of yours. Do engage your magnetic power of attraction and you will then begin to move towards your goals.  
  9. When we do not take care of yourselves physically, goals are slowed down. Poor eating habit, drinking heavily, lack of proper sleep and lack of exercise are some things that will have a dramatic and negative impact upon your goals.
  10. Judging oneself and their current results and/or judging other people. Beware: this is negative energy and will pull you down.
  11. Sitting back and waiting to receive but not giving anything. This is totally backward thinking. You must first give and then you will receive. That is one of the universal laws.
  12. Failing to "act as if" and stepping into that full body experience of already having the goal before you have a physical manifestation. 
  13. Lack of gratitude for what you already have.

While you are working through this list, honestly evaluate whether there is some goal-obstructing behavior that you are currently engaged in. If there is, commit to eliminating it  right now and free yourself  up to achieve your goals. 



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Rachel Lavern is a Certified Business Coach and founder of My Booming Online Business--a blog for middle-age, global, uptown women. She is on a mission to transform entrepreneurs' finances by teaching the action set, mindset and skill set needed to get launched + make money.


  1. Hi Rachel,

    Love this list of those barriers that keep one from achieving goals. The worst is those negative thoughts. I do believe it all starts with our mindset, so that has to be clear. If we are focusing on money, it just messes up everything. A goal is not about the money, it is about the achievement and knowing money will eventually follow.
    We do have to make realistic goals, and keep in mind the time we are really going to put into it. That is where some fail. They don’t consider it will take time and allot for it.
    To me what is the most important of all is gratitude. If one lacks it, it just blocks all the energy. We have so much when we have gratefulness in our mindset and from that, we can be happier and be there for others.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Best 3 Ways To Brand YourselfMy Profile

  2. Hello Rachel, What an Awesome list, I love each and everyone of you barriers, I see you saved the BEST for last.

    The attitude of gratitude.. OH YEH We do have a lot to be grateful for and once you accept this everything else will follow.

    Thank you for sharing… Chery :))

  3. Rachel, What a wonderful post of the barriers that keep you from achieving your goals. I agree with everything on your list and I really think having self love, taking care of yourself physically, believing you can accomplish your goals, giving to others, and being grateful for what you have already accomplished is so important for helping you to achieve your specific goals.
    Shelley Alexander recently posted…Vanilla Coconut Water KefirMy Profile

  4. Rachel! Thank you so very much for this post. I have been working very hard to write down what I need to get done each day. So far I fall a bit short BUT I am writing things down and crossing things off. This has helped my mind just a bit not feel so overwhelmed. I signed up for your free course and I am looking forward to applying what I learn. I can’t wait to read more of your posts. So glad to have found you in the Biz Blogging spreadsheet.
    Becky W recently posted…oNecklace 24k Gold Plated Infinity Anchor Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  5. It’s amazing how strong that first one can be. It’s what kept me from losing weight for many years. Now I’m older, and it’s more difficult to break into the bad cycle to turn things around. More difficult, but certainly not too late! getting rid of the negative thinking — especially that first one! — is helping me to get back on the right track again and stay there.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…The RingMy Profile

  6. Until I could appreciate all that was good in my life I couldn’t see my way forward. So your last point on gratitude caused me to be affected, to some extent or other, from the other ten. I’m still working on moving out of my comfort zones. Although I’m perfectly content as I am now, financial constraints will be an issue in the not too distant future.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Free Tools to Check Competitors WebsitesMy Profile

  7. “All negative thoughts are poisonous and it only takes a little bit of poison to kill.” Indeed. Over the years I struggled with negative thoughts and they do nothing but cause all progress to come to a halt. I loved the point about writing your goals with “I am” or “I have” instead of “I want.” A simple reframing of the mind leads to amazing gifts. Thank you so much for this pist!
    Tracy J Thomas recently posted…Birch Bark – The Gifts of a Fallen TreeMy Profile

  8. Sometimes one of the barriers I feel is not being clear with your goal and not keeping it real. For example, my goal was to be free of car mortgage, I thought of selling my car but I needed it. So I thought I could just commute and be healthy. I left my car with my sister to jump start my sub-goal, went a month commuting. But my sister drove my car back and told me to stop torturing myself and handed me the keys. I shrugged because I didn’t adjust to commuting. So I sold my car and paid off the remaining balance and bought a cheaper fuel efficient automobile instead. A far more simpler solution than ‘saving the earth and be healthy goal’ just to get rid of debt.

  9. Nice post you have here. Am good at setting goals but the truth is: its not easy sticking to all of them. Thanks for sharing this awesome post